Tuesday, 6 April 2010

One tiny blip...

We went round to see my mother and father in law to be tonight, it was great to see them however I had a small mishap with the points side of things. I knew that we'd be having steak and jacket potato but I failed to expect a t-bone steak followed by mississippi mud pie, which of course I could have said no too!

So a few points over today but not disheartened by it, at the end of the day there are going to be times where food is out of my control and I just have except that. I had left nearly half my daily points for tonight so it wasn't like I'd planned to go over. Overall I'm quite proud of myself really, I mean there was a second helping of mud pie available - who can resist that?! Oh me - well new me anyway!

Feeling quite positive and weigh in is tomorrow so keeping my fingers crossed for a good loss. I'd love to lose 3.5lbs as that'd take me into the 19's but being realistic I'd just be happy with a loss. I'm loving that something has just clicked this time, it feels totally different to the previous times I've done weight watchers, I finally think I'm beginning to see the bigger picture and doing this as a lifestyle change not just a quick fix. This doesn't just feel like the intial motivation that wears off after time - here's hoping this lasts!

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