Friday, 23 April 2010

6. Laugh in the face of celebrity magazines

Muhahahahahaha hehehehehe losers!!

Done and done! I honestly think celebrity magazines are a big load of rubbish. A complete waste of money and time. The women are all airbrushed, the men tend to be the ones who are so vein and live at the gym looking at themselves in the mirror constantly. Basically I'm not interested in what so and so is doing or what they are eating or what they are buying. Thats my only bug bear about this book is the constant references to what the celebs are doing.

So I can honestly say I am not one of those women who longs to look like a certain 'perfect' celeb. I actually do want my body I just want it to be slimmer - me and my body agree this would be best for both of us.

Once again I've struggled today. I've used my points for today but I'm craving a weight watchers dessert which would put me 3 points over again! I really need to try and have jelly rather than anything with points. So going to try and stay away from the kitchen, I know I'll feel better for it if I do. On the other hand if that dessert happens to slip into my hand and I discover the bottom of the pot I'm not going to feel to bad about it. I'd rather go over by 3 than go over by 30. Its been one of those days where I could have quite happily had a major binge. I'm hoping its just because Carson is having a growth spurt.

We did have a gorgeous shish chicken kebab for dinner and I was completely shocked to find it was only 4 points! How amazing is that - I then had chips with it but still within my points.

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