Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Feeling run down

Not feeling my best at the moment I have a cold and have pretty much lost my voice (shaun's enjoying the peace and quiet!). Its also my TOTM which is annoying as due to breastfeeding it was about 9 weeks after my last one grrr. Also I'm breastfeeding my little monkey every 2-3hrs day and night. Oh yeah and doing weight watchers arrggghhh! Its all a little overwhelming for my poor body and I'm feeling the strain. Carson is still teething as well and so not getting a huge amount of sleep.

This has kind of led me on to another body related point which is worrying me. I recently got told I have gallstones following several months of on and off stomach pain after having Carson. They are only small gallstones and the pain has not bothered me in a couple of months but they sent me for a blood test to check my liver function. Well I got a letter last week telling me I have a high level of an enzyme in my blood suggesting my liver function is raised. This usually happens when you drink alcohol but I haven't drunk any due to the breastfeeding so I have to go back for another blood test. I'll then have discuss if any further treatment is needed, so might need my gallbladder removed. How appauling is that I'm only 22 years old and may have to have my gall bladder removed!! I keep reminding myself that pregnancy increases the risk of gallstones but can't help thinking my fatty food past hasn't exactly helped! It all adds to my reasons for doing this and why I won't give up.

I know that is just the biggest moan ever but feeling a tad better for it! Despite all this I've stuck to my points and just used a couple of activity points to help stop a major binge. In the past I would have used being ill as an excuse to eat, well to be honest I would have used most things as an excuse to eat. Instead I've just had a curly wurly the last two days as my comfort food and made us mash potato with dinner - both things helped with the food comfort. I think with that list of why I'm being a big old whinge bag proves to me that I really can keep control even at the low points. So actually quite a nice positive out of all my moaning.

Thanks for reading my rather long post. I've got to say this blogging thing isn't bad - it really helps me focus on changing my mindset not just going on a 'diet' to come off the diet. So all in all still feeling motivated and looking forward to weigh in tomorrow night - bring on the scales!

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