Sunday, 4 April 2010

Easter Sunday

I've never really got the big deal about Easter. I can understand it if your religious but why do the rest of us use it as an excuse to over indulge?!

So this year I have kept the excesses to a minimum and stayed within my points - shock shock horror! I really am in the right frame of mind at the moment. I have planned to have treats this weekend such as a chinese, a Mr Whippy ice cream, Sunday roast, a lindt bunny and a chinese. This has never happened before - what have they done with the real me! I never knew what a good feeling I could get from actually being able to say no and make the right choices. Is this what slim people do everyday - say no?

I'm hoping this really is a change for life not just a hop on the wagon to get off again when the weight is gone or I'm in a bad mood or when a large chocolate eclair calls to me. I'm even beginning to see that the weight isn't actully what I should be concentrating on. I should be concentrating on how much exercise I'm doing, what dress size I am and how many inches/cm's I've lost. The scales help reflect the overall goal but ultimatly its not about what the scales say its about being able to buy smaller clothes and feel fitter.

I'm only just coming round to this way of thinking as of last night. I was sat working out how much weight I could lose between now and September when my other half pointed out that I should be setting dress size and exercise goals. Its not all about the numbers.

Bring on the new positive, motivated, fitter, slimmer and overall happier me!

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