Sunday, 18 April 2010

101 things to do before you diet

This is the book I'm reading, I bought it ages ago and its sat on my shelf waiting for me to read it. Well I had a spare 5 minutes and picked it up. I'm finding it quite interesting actually, the writer talks about how we need to accept ourselves before we can begin lose weight and how losing weight isn't the magic fix to all of our problems. She also talks about how faddy 'diets' are a waste of time and actually probably make us fatter in the long run. She also asks you to think about yourself and make changes in your life which will encourage confidence and in time help us lose weight too. So I'm going to take each point and write a post about it and how it relates to me. I really want to make this weight loss a lifelong change and change my perception of myself.

1. Don't read diet books

This is so true. Why do we waste money on the next quick fix diet book in the first place? I personally don't see weight watchers as a faddy diet. It has encouraged me to change the habits that led me to where I am today (goodness me I sound like I'm part of the advertisment compaign).
In the past I've bought so many books promising me the pounds would drop of off if I eat in certain way, cut of carbs, detox, click my heels together three times and think of being slim, well anyway you get the point basically a load of old rubbish. I do wonder how much money I've wasted on these faddy books?
I'm going to make a promise to myself today that I will never again waste my money on ridiculous diet books promising me the world for just a few of my hard earned £'s. I'm going to remember that trusted old weight watchers will see me through the difficult times and despite the amount of times I've rejoined I know I can be successful if I make proper changes. One step forward at a time (and probably a few backward and side ones too) and I WILL get to goal!

Right only another 100 points to go! I'm aiming to maybe write about one each day and hope that'll it'll keep me focused and give me something to think about other than just the number on the scales. I wonder how much I will have changed in a 100 days time?!

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  1. totally agree with you you have said about ww... after 13 weeks I now make better choices almost every time even without pointing in advance ... the points system seems to teach you to work out what's worth it and what isnt and steer you on the right path without you really being aware of it ..

    like you I see this as a plan to get fitter, healthier and more confident, not just thiner which on its own probably wouldnt change that much without a real sea change of attitude and experience to go with it..

    good luck on your journey! I am now off to read the rest of your blog :-)