Tuesday, 20 April 2010

3. Open your eyes and recognize your worth

This point is about recognizing who you are and about accepting that we only get one body so may as well learn to live it, even come to love it. Starting with actually taking a chance a look at my body in its full glory - oh no that means naked (don't worry I won't be sharing this lol). I usually avoid looking at myself in the mirror for too long. However I guess the road to acceptance starts today not from when I hit the magic number on the scales and I'm declared slim.
So later today I'm going to take a few minutes to look at what I look like now rather than just dreaming of the day when it all looks different. There are parts of my body I like and I'm not completely terrified of the mirror so should be a positive experience.

On other notes, its been a difficult couple of days as Shaun has had to be in work mega early meaning I've had to be awake at just gone 4am to drive him to work for 6. Its meant that the last two days have been so long. Longer days means more time to eat! So I've struggled to stay within my points. Luckily I've done loads of walking this week so stacked up a fair few activity points and I didn't use all my points so had a few in reserve. I only went over by 2.5points yesterday and because of what I had saved and activity I didn't really go over at all. Today has been the same but should manage to stay within my points. I'm quite pleased with this and hope that it proves that even on the long days when I'm shattered I can still do it. Normal service is to return tomorrow so providing Carson doesn't wake up at 4 I should get a tad more sleep tonight, yay!

I have also re-discovered no added sugar jelly - a whole 0 points and with a 1/2 point vanilla yoghurt its just a lovely snack. I must discover more things like this to help with the difficult times.

Anyway I guess that about sums up the last 2 days - Weigh in tomorrow and fingers crossed for another good result.

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