Saturday, 17 April 2010

Its all quiet...

... in my house at the moment. Shaun is asleep cause he's got a migraine and Carson is currently napping. Don't really know what to do with myself when I'm not in Mummy mode so here I am thinking about if I've got anything interesting to blog about.

Still feeling very motivated about losing weight and have so far been swimming today and been for a half an hour walk. I'm really enjoying being more active it makes me feel like doing other things like, believe it or not, housework! I actually went on a mad clear out in the kitchen on Thursday and all my cupboards are now organised. We then went food shopping yesterday and filled them with lots of lovely weight watchers friendly food, yum!

I'm going to have a go at making a satay chicken tonight in a peanut sauce as Shaun is rather fond of the one from the chinese. We even went to Asda especially to get a reduced fat peanut butter - yeah check us out! To be fair asda is pretty much next door to our gym so didn't really have to go out of our way much.

On a non weight loss related point - I'm considering deleting my facebook account. I find myself popping on there most days and for the most part it just annoys me. I enjoy using it as a way of sharing my photo's of Carson with family and thats about it. One person is annoying more than others and I end up getting wound up about their status changes. I just feel like I'm not really getting anything out of it but while I have an account I'll be drawn to going on there. I dunno - its one of those things where I might end up offending people if I delete my account... so something to ponder I guess. Thats why I haven't shared this blog with any of my friends and family its a nice place to let off steam and say whatever I like without the worry of stepping on anyones toes (and trust me you'd know if I'd stepped on your toes hehe!).

Anyway it looks like Carson might be waking up so back into to Mummy mode I go!


  1. If you click "hide" next to the status update or comment, you can hide everything from that annoying person/persons, which might make your facebook experience more pleasant. They won't know. Or simply remove the "friend".
    Good to hear your ww motivation is still going strong. :o))

  2. Thanks for the advice - I really must do that. Its a case of I can't remove them from my profile without causing upset and I just find myself getting really annoyed.

    I'm tempted to get my other half to block facebook on my laptop so I can only go on it if I use his computer.