Sunday, 11 April 2010

Gateau - No thanks!

Yes you have read the title correctly I actually turned down the offer of a black forest gateau today! We popped round to see Shaun's folks today and despite deciding on the phone the other day that we would eat lunch before going over Shaun's dad had made Coq au van and had gateau for dessert. We'd already eaten a nice filling lunch of pasta and so turned down their offer of an early dinner. Doesn't sound like much of an achievement right, but for me that's a big deal I've always had a problem when it came to turning food down. When we got home I cooked a very nice meal and felt much better about keeping control of what I ate.

I think thats where most of my weight problems come for I have this perfectionist tendancy and hate to feel out of control. I'm 100% or nothing, so either eating everything in site or keeping complete control over what I eating. Its not fun when things are so black and white. I think thats what I'm realising this time, its not just a 'diet' and one bad day does not mean I have failed.

I'm also quite pleased that I haven't turned to food for comfort despite being fairly sleep deprived the last few days, having a sore throat and generally feeling under the weather today. Carson is teething as well, he now has two front teeth that I can feel poking through his gums and he's very grumpy. Hoping he's going to be a bit happier tomorrow and sleep a tad better tonight.

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  1. I'm just like you, 100% or nothing but trying to get out of that mentality, takes time!

    Keep up the good work, ahhh and your little one looks just adorable.

    Vics x