Friday, 2 April 2010

The first steps

I've just re-joined weight watchers after giving birth to my gorgeous son 6 months ago. I really feel like my head is in the right place for it this time and I seem to be making proper changes to my lifestyle. I've done weight watchers several times but never really made any lasting changes. I would usually just adapt my diet to include all the same rubbish just within my points. Weight watchers is all about not feeling restricted but healthy choices really are a must for long term success.
My motivating factor at the moment is that my Mum will be getting married in september. I'm so excited for her as I didn't think she'd ever marry again. Its nice to see her happy with someone as she really deserves it! Anyway I can't stand the thought of yet more cringe worthy photo's of me alot bigger than I want to be. This isn't just any wedding where I can put the photo's away never to see the light of day again. Also on the day we'll be sitting at the head table - all eyes on us! Not a nice thought when the only place I can shop for a dress is Evans! So the motivation is a size 20/22 dress from somewhere nice like Monsoon or Debenhams. I'm currently around a size 24/26 and to be honest haven't bought any new clothes since before I fell pregnant. Instead of buying new clothes at this size it is my goal to get on my way to a healthy weight.
I thought I might just be happy getting back down to the size I was in college so around a size 18, but I've never been one to shy away from a challenge. I'm setting my sights high and going for gold this time. I've set my goal weight for the time being at 11stone 4lbs which will be exactly 10stone loss. This might change nearer the time. There's so many reasons to do it this time, I'm not going to let that I've failed in the past dictate my success this time around.
The motivation is obviously paying off as at my first weigh on Wednesday I lost 5lbs. I've offically lost a 1st 1.5lbs since I first re-joined after my 6 week check. Only 9stone to go until my target! :)

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