Sunday, 25 April 2010

Grrr BBQ's and 7.

We were invited over to my in laws (to be) today for a bbq. We spoke to them on friday and they reassured us that they'd have chicken and some weight watchers friendly foods. However due to the weather we had an inside bbq. This meant that instead of being grilled chicken my father in law decided to fry the chicken! Grrrr!! Then there was only sausages and burgers - you could say well why didn't I just say no but we didn't have a choice what went on our plate. Also they get kind of offended if we don't eat their food - we'd even offered to bring our own! It all just sounds like excuses now I write it down. Ah well its a place where I'm going to have to watch my points in the future. I still didn't go mad and I'm over for the day by 11 points, however I had 5.5 activity points so according to my tracker I'm only over by 5.5. To help make it up a bit I'm going to save a few from the next two days before weigh in and hope it doesn't affect my weight loss too much. Not holding out much hope for 3lb loss this week.

Still this is an improvment from my attitude before as if I'd gone over my points I would have just said sod it and had a really big blow out. There would have been no tracking either but I found tracking it help control the damage, so all in all a good learning experience. Anyway on to point number 7.

7. Find your strength and play to it

The bits I like:

The bottom half of my legs
My bum
I like my hair (but need to pay it a little more attention)
My boobs aren't too bad either

I am starting to pay more attention to myself and play to my strengths. For instance I wore my straight leg jeans today with my gorgeous boots. The outfit shows off my legs and I wore a longer top to cover my tummy and top of my legs. I felt really confident today and haven't worn these jeans since before I was pregnant but they fit again yay!

As I lose more weight and I can shop in 'normal' shops again I'm going to start doing this more. It seems that I can already pick out my positive features now I just need to learn how to emphasise (sp?) the good bits and play down the wobbly bits!

(p.s. please excuse any spelling mistakes typos etc I'm shattered tonight as we've had a really busy weekend.)

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