Thursday, 22 April 2010

5. Use your brain not your fork

"The human mind is alot like the human child. Tell it not to do something and it want it more than any other little thing on the face of the earth."

Basically deprivation will only encourage rebellion and ultimately going back to the old eating habits. I don't need to talk about this one too much as I can honestly say I am allowing myself the foods I like in moderation. Since being back at weight watchers I have had several chinese takeaways, cheese, chocolate (usually a curly wurly), chips when we went to the beach, a Mr whippy ice cream and so on. In fact I discovered green and blacks milk and white chocolate the other day. I also realised I can buy a larger bar and eat it over several days, not in one sitting.

This isn't something I've ever done when doing weight watchers in the past. Previously I would always try and change my diet right from the off to the ultimate in healthy. I would feel guily for eating any 'bad' food but this time I'm just accepting that the overall change is for the better. Eventually I want to be eating a well balanced diet but for the time being I'm happy with positive changes and I will not deprive myself. Seems to be working so can't complain.

Ha after saying all that I'm going to start talking about how the last few days I've been struggling to stay within my points. It did however twig today that I think Carson is having his 6 month growth spurt. He's feeding so much and I've been feeling pretty exhusted. I remembered not to beat myself up to much as if he's feeding alot I'm having to make more milk and so I'm likely to be hungrier than usual. Also when I say struggling I mean I've gone over by between 1-3 points the last couple of days. This is easily fixed though and there's plenty of time between now and weigh in so I'm not worried.

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