Thursday, 8 April 2010


So I went to the gym this morning with the obvious aim of working out, however I hadn't booked any creche time and it was packed. So no gym for me, boo! I got home all dressed in my gym gear and feeling like I wanted to exercise (a strange new feeling, seriously what have they done with the real me!). I remembered that I had two fitness dvds' so broke out the Rosemary Conley Salsacise.

Curtains firmly shut (I'm not sure the neighbours would appreciate my hip wiggling) I got my workout. I'm now feeling rather pleased with myself as I would normally have just accepted defeat and put off exercising until tomorrow. Wouldn't be much of a lifestyle change if I was so easily put off exercising, would it.

Also been for a walk this morning in the sunshine. I'm loving the sunshine, makes me feel so positive. I feel so positive I'm actually worried I might burst! :D

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