Thursday, 27 May 2010


I am sooooo tired today. My little man woke me up so much last night and I feel totally exhusted today. Its so frustrating because the first thing to go is my will power and I just end up wanting to comfort eat. Its not even hunger its that urge to just say f*ck it and eat what I want because I think it'll make me feel better. However despite this niggling feeling all day I am currently within points with plenty left for dinner.

Not sure how the rest of the evening will play out but hoping logic will prevail and the comfort urges will go away. I keep reminding myself about my weight loss to date and how I know full well I would regret a blow out. I might think at this moment that I just don't care, but I do and it would catch up with me! I'm mainly writing this blog just as a distraction from food, just anything to keep me within points today.

Might see if I can get a quick nap when other half gets home and leave him with the oh so grumpy baby for a bit. Anyway nobody said being a Mummy was easy and even when he keeps me up all night one smile and all is forgiven. Still its no excuse to eat rubbish! Seriously need to get that through my head!

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