Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Difficult day

So yesterday didn't go entirely to plan. I've been doing so well all week and yesterday night I ended up going over my points by a few! I haven't worked it out yet but I'm sure it was at least 10pts over. My weight watchers pedometer said I'd earnt 3 activity points but no where near enough to make up for it.

It was just a weird blip, I didn't go on a major binge I just found myself eating things even though a) I wasn't hungry and b) I didn't have the points. It kind of felt like I was doing it to rebel against having to count points, you know not having the ultimate freedom to eat what I want all day long. Logically I know points its such a flexible system that I can have a little of what I want and when I eat what I want all day long it tends to involve tons of rubbish which just make me put weight on. Grrrr its all just very annoying especially given that I've had such a fab week points and activity wise.

Ok so to make sure this stays as one blip and doesn't become an entire day... First I need to count what I had last night (which includes a kitkat chunky, why did I get that?? who knows) second thing is that I've had a brilliant week so if I beat myself up for one blip I'm just going to throw all my hard work away for no good reason. I mean we went for a three hour walk on Saturday which was a huge achievement for us as before we would have never even considered spending our weekend doing activity. I didn't have my pedometer at the time which was a shame but the online tracker worked out that I'd earnt 15 activity points, not sure how accurate that is but still!

Right its about naptime for Carson so going to use it as a chance to go out and do some walking. I'm going to try and walk for at least an hour and pull back a few of those points from yesterday!

Oh and I just worked out how much I was over by turns out it was 10.5 pts so not as bad as I'd thought and only 7.5pts with my activity points taken off.

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