Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Another blah day and I've discovered ebay!

So lets crack on with the weight watchers business first....

I have been rubbish again today! I know I know I said I was going to track today but it just didn't happen. Now which excuse do you want first....? No seriously we had an awful nights sleep as my little man decided he was going to wake up ALOT! I felt like a human dummy last night and I'm suprised I have any milk left and that I don't look like some kind of prune (if you haven't read my other posts I breastfeed my baby boy). I'm just hoping its teething related and will soon pass.

Not to be put off I'm going to start afresh tomorrow as its a new week according the online tracker and I'm going to get my weight loss mojo back. As I said yesterday this is the point where in the past I would have messed about for a few weeks and eventually given up. Learning from the past I know to expect a gain tomorrow but instead of being put off I should use the disappointment to fuel a great week that will spur me on.

Ebay! I have discovered selling on ebay - I've listed 10 items today in an attempt to have a spring clean of our clutter. I got very excited when I looked and have 4 people watching some of my items lol! I haven't even got a bid yet but its still quite fun to see how much interest you have. I've got soooo much clutter I'm hoping to make a tidy bit of profit :)

P.s If anyone is interested my username on ebay is Rock_lobster87 and I'm selling a few size 24/26 bits and some baby boy clothes ranging to 6 months. I know its an appauling plug but hey this is my blog and I will do as I please :D

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