Monday, 10 May 2010


I found a lovely place in our village to walk today. My Mum mentioned a few weeks ago that there's a path that runs alongside the minature railway that runs from a nearby town to a town a few miles away. So I went to check it out this morning with the intention of going for a 30 min to an hour walk, but ended up walking for 2 hours lol! I'm so impressed with this find the path runs for miles and because I need something pram friendly its great as its flat all the way of course. I'm lucky we have an awesome pram, a stroller wouldn't handle it. So according to my tracker based on my weight I earnt 10.5 activity points and my pedometer racked up 12,000 steps!
Not sure I'd manage to walk that amount everyday but at least I have a nice quiet place to walk with no traffic, apart from the odd minature steam train (they are so cute!).
This week has been going well apart from a small jaffa cake related blip last night. I seem to have pulled most of the points back and hoping to save another 3pts tomo as well you know just in case.

On Saturday we went to a baby rave that was part of the NN Festival. It was awesome and Carson loved it. He made a couple of baby friends, well he sat near them and tried to grab their faces but same thing really. Here's some photos...

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