Saturday, 1 May 2010

Wedding dress

I went wedding dress shopping with my Mum today for her wedding in September. She got a beautiful dress, not conventional at all but as this is her second wedding there's no need for her to wear a very bridal type dress. Made me kind of sad actually that'll I'll never wear my wedding dress.

Our wedding was planned a couple of years ago but due to finances it fell through. So I have all the stuff the dress, bridesmaid dresses, the rings, shoes, tiara and so on. However I got my dress when I was over 20stone and at this rate there's no way it'll fit. It can be taken in by 3 sizes but were not going to have the money for a wedding for a few years yet. In all honestly I'll probably have another baby before we get married now. Anyway back to the point, my dress is stunning I feel amazing when I put it on and it makes me sad that I probably won't be wearing it because I'll have lost too much weight for it (hopefully at goal for my wedding). How silly is that I'm sad that'll I'll have lost loads of weight!

I keep reminding myself that there are tons of dress shops and I can try on loads of dresses. There's not just one dress out there for me right? And lets face it I'd rather be slim than wear my dress. At least then I'll always look back at the photos and think how great I looked and not be sad because I was a fat bride!

On a general note: I don't know whats been up with me this week my mood has been all over the place. I was throughly depressed yesterday. I hate those moods they last all day and when people ask me whats wrong I honestly don't have an answer. I'm hoping its just a one off cause I like being happy most of the time, it makes a nice change for me.

Weight watchers wise I've been fine this week just need to get a bit more activity this weekend and watch out for my parents in law (to be) tomorrow as were going round their house again. They've said were ordering a chinese so mushroom chow mein and pineapple chicken for me! Ha I will stay within my points!

Bring on a 2lb loss please please please I reeeeeeeeally want my 4 th silver seven!!

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