Monday, 3 May 2010

Rubbish day

In all respects really, except who I spent it with! We decided as its a bank holiday we'd go out somewhere as a family. Well I haven't been to Cambridge in years and considering its only an hour down the road we went there. Pfftt what a waste of time and money! I offically don't like Cambridge. Now I expected the traffic cause the road system in Cambridge is notorious but it was an all round pants day out.

It was about lunchtime and we hunted round we somewhere to eat and decided on Tapas (mainly cause we couldn't see many other places) well talk about overpriced and not good on points either. We ended up spending 2hrs in Cambridge, came home and went into Norwich city centre instead! I have never been more glad to see Norwich and appreciate the roads and tons of choice when it comes to places to eat and shop! I think were spoilt with our city so its always a disappointment when we go new places. Oh well we tried next time we'll stay closer to home!

My points are shot to pieces today due to lunch and a trip to tesco's resulting in a mini tub of Ben & Jerry's and half a bar of green & blacks. Now I'm going to do the awful thing of saying 'lets draw a line under it and move on' hahahaha - goodness I know how people hate that but blah! The thing is I thought about trying to save some tomorrow and do a load of walking but I know it won't work for me. If I try and save a load of points I will just end up carrying this binge on into tomorrow as well. So I have a choice... try and claw back points or admit I made a mistake and I'm better off just sticking to my daily allowence. I'm really looking foward to starting a new week on track - my motivaton has slipped the last two weeks and I've struggled. This is the point in my journey where in the past I have given up so if I can get through it and go on to have many more losses I'm already more successfull than I have ever been before on the weight loss front. So onward I go maybe not always the most direct route but as long as I'm heading in the right direction I'm happy. Wondering what the result will be this week loss, gain or sts???

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