Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Life's a journey not a destination

... and my path has veered off course slightly. I gained 1.5lbs this week, which I fully expected but is still disappointing. But life goes on and I'm going to get back to basics this week.

So I've been flicking through my weight watchers binder to try and figure out what could be doing differently. I've just gone through the section about filling foods and streching your points. I haven't been doing this lately, I think sometimes I get complacent because I have quite high points and end up ending alot of treat food instead of filling foods. I've decided to plan what I'm eating tomorrow and even though I'm at home I've packed up my lunch and snacks. I've planned in treats and left a few points spare. Just hoping it'll kick start me into tracking properly and stick to my points for a whole week.

This week I'm going to aim to do the following each day in an attempt to get my mojo back for more than just a week!

  1. Reach my healthy steps and earn at least 2 activity points a day
  2. Keep within or close to my points each day or for as many days as possible (trying not to set myself up to fail)
  3. Eat 3 portions of fruit and veg
  4. Have a filling breakfast everyday
  5. Drink plenty of water/squash
  6. Track everything even if I have gone over
  7. Write a blog each day to help keep the emotional eating at bay
I'm going to try and do as many of those things as possible and we'll see if t pays off next wednesday. I'm kind of hoping it to last for more than one week but going to think about it one day at a time. Wish me luck! :)

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