Friday, 18 June 2010

Feeling good

I went shopping with my mum yesterday looking for page boy outfits for her wedding and various other wedding related stuff. We ended up in debenhams to buy shoes for her and saw that they were having a sale. I noticed that there were loads of Rocha John Rocha dresses in size 22 reduced so thought I'd have a sift through. Well I've only gone and got my dress for Mum's wedding 2 months before its needed... oops! It was just so pretty and my mum kept saying how it really suited me and made me look my age. Its so different to what I would have choosen before. Here's a photo...

I was on such a high afterwads because I tried about 10 dresses on all size 22 and they all fit comfortably! The one I got was actually the tightest of the lot so theres some room to lose more. Mum also said if its too big by the wedding she'll get it altered for me.

It was the first time I could actually tell I've lost weight. I think its because I haven't really bought any new clothes so all my old stuff is getting big but doesn't show that I'm slimmer. Who knows, I'm just over the moon to be this size now! I'm thinking another stone by Mum's wedding is within reach.

My Mum is fab she paid for me to have my hair cut as well so I came home yesterday feeling so good about myself. Another NSV was that usually when sat in the hairdressers I spend that whole time looking at how round my face was but I didn't yesterday. If anything I was noticing that my cheeks aren't looking as chubby and I'm sure my double chin has gone down too!

Basically feeling awesome now and so motivated to carry on!

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  1. Well done on your NSV's hun and you look fab in the dress, it's a perfect colour for you, really suits your skin tone :D

    Hope you have a great time at your Mum's wedding and I'm sure you can lose a bit more before her big day, you're doing really well.

    Loz xx