Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Back to basics

So I stayed the same at weigh in tonight. Despite my words of encouragement to my other half about the fact that he stayed the same I feel very disappointed! Its silly isn't it not more than 2hrs ago I was saying that its better than a gain and some weeks this just happens, it'll probably show up next week. Yet I still feel so annoyed by my stay the same! It wasn't helped by the fact that I am only 0.5lbs away from reaching my 3 stone loss. To add insult to injury the scales flicked up from 18st 4.5lbs to 18st 5lbs - grrrrr!!

So I've asked myself where could I improve to ensure I get a loss next week...

  1. Portion control - we bought a couple of tubs of ice cream and I feel that maybe I was a little bit to liberal with my portions sizes. So going to avoid the tubs and go for individually wrapped stuff this week
  2. Carson has dropped feeds and I'm still getting 5 points extra for breastfeeding. I'm not sure if I really need that much extra these days considering he only feeds 5 times a day. So I'm going to drop a point this week and see if that helps.
  3. Exercise - or the lack of. I did a long walk on Sunday but not much else the rest of the week. My best weeks were when I walked for at least 30mins a day. I'm also considering starting the couch to 5k that everyone of the weight watcher forums raves about. I really feel like I should be upping my activity levels.
  4. Sneaky extras when cooking, guesstimating and generally getting a tad complacent. So I'm going to, as my leader said, track, track and track some more! No more sneaky extras - I'm only lying to myself!
  5. I also had a blip on Sunday - So I'm going to aim to keep within points for the week as I finished the week slightly over my points allowance. I appreciate that sometimes this won't always go to plan but I can try.
Well I think that's plenty to be getting on with! Goodness me when its all written down like that it really does show me why I had a stay the same. I kind of deserved it to be honest! And as I said before at least it wasn't a gain.

So I'm off to have a positive, active, back to basics week and see what that brings for me this time next week! xx

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  1. Hello my lovely, just me.

    I am the same... i ooh and ahh over people's losses, tell them staying the same isn't that bad, because in reality it's true. But when it happens to you, it's like oh :(

    Now about this c25k. It's brill! I however am taking my time with it. I'm really over weight and my body can only take so much. So as i start to feel comfortable with a certain stage i then up the game and move onto the next stage. It's hard work but when you realise you can jog/run for x amount of minutes and compare it to when you first started you will feel soo proud of yourself.

    keep up the amazing work. you have lost an amazing amount of weight thus far! :D