Thursday, 1 July 2010


The back to basics week didn't go according to plan. In fact I had my worst week to date. Oddly I only gained half a pound but my eating was not good. I also didn't track most of the week which is the first time I've not tracked for so long. Not all my habits returned but it was the first week that wasn't just a blip but a slip back into some of my old eating patterns.

I've then found it difficult to motivate myself to get back on track. Its not with out reason (well excuses) we had some rather bad news this week regarding my other half and his job. Basically he now doesn't have a job and were considering our legal rights due to a breech of contract. All fun! So in about 3 weeks we will have run out of money.... hmmm not quite sure how were going to fix it all but I'll sure we'll get there.

I know its only an excuse because no matter what life throws at me I should try and keep control of at least my eating. I cried today because I just felt so out of control of everything and after watching that big meet bigger on BBC tonight I've decided its not on.

Getting back on track will be hard but the feeling of achievement and control out weighs how hard losing weight is. So no setting goals this week because that obviously doesn't work for me. Instead I'm just going to try my best to get myself back on track. At the end of the day I've still lost 41lbs how can I be sad about that. If I allow myself to think of myself as a failure and give up I'll put it all back on and feel 10 times worse.

So big kick up the butt for me and take it one meal at a time. Also start tracking again!!!

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