Tuesday, 6 July 2010


I'm feeling rather proud of myself today.

I've been off track for about a week and a half now. I tried to pull it back this week but it just didn't happen. I very nearly got there on Sunday but had a meal out where it all just went wrong again. However the two reasons I'm proud of myself is a) I have tracked today and currently have 3 pts left b) I've done the first 2 days of couch to 5k this week.

It would have been so easy to wait until after weigh day before trying to get back on track but I'm fairly certain I'm going to gain tomorrow. A gain will do one of two things it'll either spur me on to try harder or I'll be really disappointed and have yet another bad week. So to avoid the very expected gain throwing me off track I thought if I get back on track for today and tomorrow I stand a much better chance of pulling it back.

I'm proud that my first huge blip lasting more than one or two days hasn't resulted in me completely giving up. For once I can actually see that we all make mistakes, the old eating habits are very easy to go back to and I've only failed if I give up and admit defeat!

Couch to 5k - what came over me on Sunday morning at 7am I do not know! I hadn't plan to start it or anything but having been woken up by our son I just decided his daddy could look after him and I'd go for a jog! (I don't think I've been able to say that I went for a 'jog' in years!) So by 8am on Sunday after digging out all my gym clothes I did the first day of C25K. I then did the second day this morning. I'm mega proud of myself, I've always loathed jogging and found reasons not to even attempt it. To be able to complete a session was such a shock to me and then to go on to do it again, well maybe I can get to the point where I can jog 5k??! Is this the path to self belief I wonder...??

So all in all a pants week food wise but some huge achievements which in the long run prove I CAN do this. I will probably gain this week but I really feel like in the long run this will only help my journey! Ever the optimist.... :D

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