Saturday, 10 July 2010


I avoided my fil's attempts at sabotage. Today I was presented with a lunch of BBQ food of which I only had a limited choice what was put on my plate. I ate chicken, jacket potato, 1 sausage and loads of salad. I left another sausage and a burger with cheese. I was then given dessert, even though I wasn't asked if I wanted any, which was drowned in cream with ice cream and was a gateau of some variety. I ate about 2 spoonfuls made my excuses and left the rest (of what I ate I picked out as much of what appeared to be fruit and avoided the cake and cream!) So rather proud of my efforts to avoid said sabotage.

That might seem like I restricted myself but its not restriction if you don't enjoy the food! I don't even enjoy fatty burgers and sausages anymore it just makes me ill. The dessert I didn't even want because I was genuinely full and really resented not being given a choice in the matter.

C25k is going brilliantly. I managed to do day one of week two today so was really pleased with myself. i really wasn't sure when I started this that I was even going to be able to complete a session let alone have done week one successfully and moved onto week two. I'm also really shocked at how much I enjoy doing it. The sense of achievement is just amazing. I guess it shocks me because I was almost scared of exercise and had a belief that I'd never be one of these people who could enjoy exercise and possibly even become good at it. The thought of not only being slimmer but fit and healthy... well its more than I'd hoped for. Its always nice when you surprise yourself!

I'm so glad I have my motivation back and I'm going to take advantage of it while it lasts. Hoping for a good loss this week :D

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