Thursday, 3 June 2010

I forgot..

In my haze of bad days over the weekend I completely forgot to post about my discovery. I had a bit of spare time the other day while I was in the city so decided to see how far a size 22 dress was. Turns out not far at all considering they fit! I couldn't do the zip because I was on my own but they would have done all the way up. I was fairly chuffed to say the least. I also fit into size 24 trousers comfortably so even though I've had a pants week I still had a fantastic non scale victory. I'm not going to set the goal as completed for reaching size 22 as theres room for improvement and they may have done up but the looking good bit is still to come. Here's a picture:

Its just so fab as I was wanting to be in a size 22 by September for Mum's wedding and still have 3 months to go! Maybe a size 20 now?

So far on track today,have eaten loads of filling foods and already have my 2 activity points. Its a good feeling being back on track.


  1. yay! looking good girl x

  2. Well done babes, you'll be in a 20 by September no problem :D xx

  3. well done for the NSV!!

  4. Thanks everyone! Its such a long way from being a normal size but every size down is such a victory! :D