Thursday, 26 July 2012

Week 5 weigh in

I lost 4lbs!! 

Wow just proves to me why even after a couple of bad days the week is not lost. I should always try to draw the line and move on. I feel like I've got to work hard this week though to make sure it doesn't catch up with me next week. However being realistic a stay the same next week wouldn't surprise me. Just hoping I can work hard enough to keep me weight going down. I'm not sure I feel like my 4lb was deserved but maybe I didn't as badly as I thought. On another note I just read this in an article 

 "It's the same with your tasks: start, and your brain will overcome the first hurdle. This seemingly small milestone appears to be the most important one to overcome if you wish to defeat procrastination. After starting a task, your brain will be more enticed to finish it to it's "conclusion." You also tend to see that it's not as big a mountain as you initially imagined, and that the work involved in completing this task won't be so terrifying after all."

The last line really stuck with me that this task won't be as terrifying as I first thought. Imagining losing weight and being a healthy weight felt daunting and out of my reach. However when I get down to it I'm not going to lose all the weight at once and the task in hand isn't as difficult as I imagined it to be. I have to chip away at my weight over time and the hurdles I have to overcome involve staying motivated even when I have difficult times. Its not about viewing it overall but just starting and making the effort each week to stick with it.

I am terrible for procrastinating so I'm going to make an effort to start tasks that bother me as I'm much more likely to continue. I will not put off exercising, I will not put off getting back on track after a blip and I will push myself to keep going even through the bad times. The thought of this journey is far more terrifying than the reality of it and I need to remember that!

I'm so happy today and really looking forward to the next week. Just hoping now that I will be well enough to start exercising again soon. Here's to another good week x

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