Thursday, 5 July 2012

Little struggle

The last two days have been the first days that I've felt like overeating and I'm not quite sure why. Its not really been due to emotional reasons I've just been hungry and felt like eating sugar?!

I know today was probably because I had a friend over so didn't eat a proper lunch just had a slice of toast with Philadelphia on. It meant I was really hungry this afternoon so made different choices. I'm still well within my points for the day but don't feel I've eaten properly so have a bit of guilt over that. I did use some of my weekly points yesterday but again I was within my points with plenty of weekly points left to last until Tuesday . So basically I don't know why I'm feeling guilty? I've not eaten great but still within my points, I've not done loads of activity but I've still been active and even though I've had a couple of iffy days I've still made much better choices! Maybe I should stop beating myself up and see the positives!

I've got 5 days to fit loads of activity in and really push for that 2lb loss next week. So I need to chill out and see how far I've come in 2 short weeks!

I'm glad I wrote all this down as it was bugging me and the guilt over the last 2 days was getting me down and I don't think I really had anything to feel guilty about!

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