Sunday, 22 July 2012

Just might have managed...

...a whole day on track!

I have 1 daily point left and have tracked everything today! I'm feeling so pleased with myself and really feel that I have found my motivation again. I hated feeling out of control and emotional so it feels great to be back.

I missed feeling like this, food has nothing on this feeling. I must MUST remember how good it feels getting back on track and with any luck the next time I have a slip up I can read this post and remind myself why a bad meal, bad day or bad week doesn't have to carry on past that. A gain doesn't mean I'm back to square one it just means I'm human and sometimes life will get in the way. If I learn from this then it isn't a failure just a chance to learn how to succeed in the future.

Here's hoping three days on track can undo some or all of the damage from the start of this week xx

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