Wednesday, 11 July 2012


I'm bored waiting around for it to be time to go to weigh in. Obviously I'm looking after the kids so not mega bored but just want it to hurry up and be half 6!

On a good note I braved the gym on Monday night. I've only been using the pool since we rejoined a few months ago and Monday was the first day I went in the gym. I was very proud of myself for pushing myself and managed to complete the 3rd run of week 1 on the couch to 5k programme. I so could have just turned round and walked straight out again when I saw all the people on the treadmills much slimmer than me and running like it was the easiest thing in the world. Then there's me who's doing the slowest jog ever but a jog none the less!

I certainly worked hard though I came out of that gym sweating and feeling so impressed with myself. I followed that with a 45 minute swim with a few lengths of front crawl thrown in. I swear it feels like its been years since I did front crawl!

So despite an interesting start to the week feeling like I was struggling I ended the week on a high with alot of activity and new experiences. I really must remember how exercising makes me feel, I felt amazing walking out of that gym. I was full of energy and on such a high. Food never makes me feel that good, exercise gave me a high without having the guilt attached to it. I'm also feeling fitter, I used to think fitness took ages to increase but I've realised I can improve my fitness quite quickly as it was so low to start with.

Now I'm just waiting for weigh in to arrive and hoping for a good loss. Always nervous and worrying that I might get a stay the same or worse a gain! I don't know why with all the activity, staying under my points and generally feeling a bit lighter really shouldn't be worrying. Oh well better get used to it I have a feeling I will worry about weigh in every week!

I feel so happy these days and I never want to go back to old unmotivated miserable me! Bring on the scales!


  1. Well done, and at least you are doing it the right way around ! back in 1991, i lost my weight, then joined the gym! they went mad at me, and said I should of joined when I started my diet!
    I also completed week one of c25k, and did the first of week two a few weeks ago, i really must knuckle down and restart it.

  2. It was really hard to take that first step but so glad I did. Love the couch to 5k programme, I honestly didn't think I'd be able to jog at all so very chuffed to have completed week 1.

    Good luck with it and thanks for the support x