Friday, 22 June 2012

Making the effort

I've stuck to my points, walked over 12,000 steps and did 45 minutes of swimming today!

In  nutshell a good day and still feeling very positive! I'm so committed to making the changes I just want this feeing to stay with me and see me through the low points.

My biggest fear about the weight loss is that I'll stick to this all week, exercise and put in loads of effort only to find I've not lost weight! That would be so demoralising and I don't know why I'm worrying that I won't. I guess part of it is that I didn't do so well on pro-points last time and I think I'm still missing the old points system.

I'm mainly missing it because that's the plan I lost weight on last time and so I'm somewhat sceptical of pro-points. At the end of the day though I eating better and being active so regardless of what plan I'm following I am doing what's needed to lose weight. Just hope I prove to myself that I can do it and I'm just being a little irrational.

Its all good and looking forward to the scales next Wednesday!


  1. We can do, I had an sts last week, totally unexpected, but that has just made me more resolute. you need to see beyone one week, it's hard, but there is a bigger picture infront of us !

  2. Thank you for your reply. Your right it is about seeing the bigger picture. Setting small goals to stay motivated and knowing that as long as I stick at it results will follow :)