Monday, 11 June 2012

If I don't try

If I don't try I will never succeed!

I'm scared of trying to lose weight because I feel like I'll fail (again!). I feel like I've failed so many times, considering I'm still the size I am, that I'm almost at the point of accepting defeat. But how boring is that! I'm not committing myself to being fat forever, to having a life of health problems and regrets. Sod that!

So here we go again! I refuse to give up on my dream of being slimmer, fitter and therefore happier. I refuse to just accept that I am doomed to be this weight or heavier for the rest of my life. I would rather try millions of times than give up even with the smallest chance of success.

Ultimately I am in control of my own destiny in this area of my life. I can choose to eat better. I can choose to make the effort to exercise. I can choose to leave my failures in the past and realise that my past failures have no affect on my ability to be successful now! I can commit to making these choices, to change my mindset and realise my dream of being happy in my own skin.

By learning control around food I will give myself freedom. Freedom from being held back by my size. So put simply I am going to commit to 100 days of sticking to my plan. I am going to push myself to exercise regularly. I am going to have hope that I can do it!

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