Thursday, 21 June 2012

I've rejoined weight watchers

As the title says I've re-joined weight watchers and went to my first meeting last night. I decided to take the plunge and give pro-points one more go as I was just messing about trying to do it at home. I love ww but didn't get on so well with pro-points as I preferred the old points system. I just missed the meetings and having someone to weigh me every week and be accountable to. It was a meeting ran by a leader who's meetings I went to over 3 years ago. It was so nice, her meetings are so much more informal than the last ones I went to and made me feel really comfortable. Everyone was very friendly and it felt great to be back and around people who understand and are supportive. 

It was my first day today and I've had a fantastic day. I've really enjoyed eating healthy food again and found  it fairly easy to stay within my points. I was even able to have a ww cheesecake and a mini crunchie after dinner. I've done enough steps to earn 4 activity points too. All in all a great day and feeling so positive.

Reading all the posts on the 5+ stone to lose message boards on ww's website has been really motivating too. Seeing the losses people have achieved on there reminds me that this is possible. Its not some unattainable dream. It just takes commitment and effort to change for good and get this weight off.

It feels so great to be motivated again! Long may it continue!!

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