Thursday, 7 June 2012

2010 blog post's

I just sat and read a load of my old blog post's from 2010 when I lost nearly 4 stone. I was wondering what was different back then, what made me want to change and how did I see it through? Well it was eye opening and quite nice to think how much things have changed.

One of the things that hasn't helped is weight watchers changing to pro-points as I just don't like the plan as much now as I did back then. However the main difference was how positive and motivated I was. I was just full of ways to overcome my problems instead of getting bogged down on how hard everything is.

Aim of today - go get some more shopping and plenty of healthy foods and decide what plan I want to follow. Do I want to give weight watchers another go? or continue with calorie counting using boots online? I need to get myself motivated and excitied about making changes, not scared of failing!

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