Saturday, 23 July 2011

Stupid cold

I have a stinking cold and have lost my voice, so not impressed! Despite a stinker of a cold I've managed to stay on track but haven't done much in the way of exercise so will be interested to see what kind of loss I get this week. Also we've had a couple of pointed take always which still makes me feel like I've cheated even though it was all counted.
Feeling a little stressed out just lately as the wedding seems to be coming round so quick and I still have loads to do for it!! Kind of makes me a little sad that I'll be big when we get married but you can't put your life on hold just to lose weight. A wedding is just a day and weight loss will matter long after that single day.
Just lately I keep thinking how nice it will be to shop in normal clothes shops. I'm so sick of clothes shopping but have to find an outfit for 6th August as our wedding photographer is doing a family photo shoot for us. Kind of nervous as I just think I'm going to hate the photo's of me and really want to buy a flattering outfit but haven't got a clue where to start! Will have a look today but not holding out much hope! Wish me luck on finding clothes that don't look like a material bin bag on me!!

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