Thursday, 14 July 2011

How time flies

Can't believe it was May when I last posted on here! Its now July and a mere 10 weeks until we get married. I'm no lighter than I was, well in fact I'm a pound heavier, oops! It hasn't been easy getting back on track and I've found myself binging alot of the last few weeks. Having 2 small children is rather stressful and I've been turning to food to cope with it all. I'm not blaming them mind or trying to use it as an excuse its just what I've been doing.
During all this I've been trying to get on track with pro points and not doing so well. I think a turning point has been my Mum coming round to help me get my house in order. She cleaned all my downstairs, our bathroom, took the majority of our washing which she washed and ironed for us! Its really given me a kick start in all areas of my life. Its amazing how out of control I felt because our house was such a mess and it was starting to become a struggle to find clean clothes. I'm not a neat freak or anything but it was getting to an embarrassing state. Since she did that on Monday I have found my motivation for so many things, weight watchers included. So basically I'm back on track and loving it.
Another massive help is that my other half has also decided to start properly pointing as well. He's even joined the meeting too, though not sure how helpful it'll be for us as my leader has been less than supportive over these rocky weeks. I'm pretty sure that last year when I lost a decent amount of weight my key to success was the support at home. Having someone cook healthy meals for me and point along with me is such a huge help.
One other rather embarrassing thing happened at the weekend. I was waiting for our regular Chinese takeaway when a friend of the rather skinny woman next to me came in. They started talking during which our order was brought through. The woman next to me said "That must be ours it looks like a 5 person order". Well of course as soon as she said it I knew it'd be ours and sure enough it was! It was just shameful having to claim the '5 person Chinese'. Especially given the look the skinny woman's friend gave her. It was that kind of judging think's she knows just what I'm like kind of look. It was just yet another example of the judgements people make. She didn't know I wasn't also ordering for 4-5 people but based purely of my size she just assumed it wasn't. Shamefully she was right! I just can't deal with that any more I can no longer put up with those knowing looks people give each other when the fat girl is eating, like they know exactly how I got here.
Of course this kind of thing is just one of many reason's why I want to do this and actually get to goal. The most important one is just purely for myself and more importantly my health.
Since Monday I've been on track and also managed to get to the gym 3 times this week. I'm aching today from going to the gym 2 days in a row but it feels good. It makes me feel like I've done something and that I'm on the road to getting fitter. Generally I'm feeling rather positive and I want it to continue.
Looking forward to each day on track and hopefully a good weight loss next week!

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