Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Bring it on

Its really difficult to do this alone and really see it through so we (my husband & I) made the decision to hire a personal trainer at our gym, eeek! She seems really nice and we have our first session on Saturday morning. I'm a little nervous as exercise is kind of scary to me at the moment but also excited to have that guidance that I so need. My weight issue plays so heavily on my mind everyday and I just want to make the changes so much, so I'm going to use these training sessions as the kick start I need.
I was doing really well and then had a blip which I didn't recover from completely and we went away to Center Parcs for the weekend, which was loads of fun and I did loads of exercise but ate alot of rubbish too! So I came back from that 3lbs heavier despite doing alot of cycling, walking, swimming and so on. Just goes to show just how much I can put away to not only exceed the calories I need to maintain my weight but also to increase it enough to use my exercise calories and more. Going away has been great though because I've rediscovered my love of cycling and now a bike and trailer (to pull the boys) is on the cards as my early birthday present! It just seemed like such a good idea to cycle to preschool instead of taking the car. Its only a 15 minute walk away but I take the car because there are no pavements the roads are quite busy. Whereas with a bike the boys will be strapped in and safe away from the traffic. Plus I'll be getting some exercise taking them to school.

Its been great feeling a little bit lighter and a little bit fitter so I'm ready to take this to the next level and feel alot fitter and alot slimmer! I got my first taste of shopping in the 'normal' clothes section recently not just the plus size section. I went into Matalan and bought a size 22 maxi skirt which felt great, even though I kn.w it was just a fluke as its got a very elasticated waist and I'm no where near a size 22 lol! It still felt awesome though as it just showed me what my reward will feel like. Looking at the plus size versus the normal section is really motivating and kind of sad all at the same time, all the plus size clothes were baggy, not very colourful, boring and didn't reflect my personal style whatsoever. The normal section was full of summer dresses, patterns, bright clothes, fitted clothes and so on. Just reminds me how complete freedom and lack of control with food restricts me in so many other ways, my reward for learning self control around food will be worth it 20 times over!

So bring on the personal trainer and lets get this journey back on track! I really do believe I can and will do this.

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